Sunday, 18 September 2011


Hey! I've been really ill the past couple of days with a sickness bug :( So you can imagine how majorly cheered up I was when I logged on to here to find that I'd been nominated for a blog award...THREE TIMES!  

Thank you SO much to Launa In Ponderland, Shopping Bag Full Of Dreams and All These Pretty Things for awarding them to me! :D

I have only been blogging for a month and had no idea if I was doing it correctly, aha :P So it was really nice to get these! :D NOW GO CHECK OUT THEIR BLOGS! :D Sorry, I don't mean to be bossy but you'd be missing out if you didn't ;)

Here are the rules to receiving this award...! :)

-Thank and link back to the person who awarded you!
-Write 7 random things about yourself!
-Spread the love to 15 other bloggers!
-Inform them about it! :)

***7 things you won't already know about moi...!***

1. I got knocked out by a football on my first day of school! :( 

2. ..I also knocked myself out running into a door playing 'what's the time mr wolf?' >.< Doh! :P

3. When I was 4 I was a bridesmaid for my aunt's wedding, because I didn't know the words to the hymns I stood at the front of the church wriggling my hips and singing Boomshakalaka instead! Lmao, embarrassing much!? :P

4. I turned my dog into a banana addict! >.<

5. I like to rollerblade around my house! :D

6. Even with 3 kids my parents have always been pretty adventurous; in the past we have lived in an old ruined school, a caravan and a haunted ex drug house in the Spanish mountains!

7. I miss living in Spain so much! The culture, the people, the laid back way of life...the heat! I know this sounds hypocritical coming from someone who posts about outfits and purchases, but there was nothing materialistic about living out there! It was too hot to be bothered about new clothes, we collected our own water from the fountain and swam everyday without fail! Just a simple, healthy, feel-good lifestyle!

Sorry, that was a bit lengthy! >.< Here are the blogs I'd like to award...! ^.^


I don't know if you are allowed to include the people that gave you the award in the first place but I genuinely would have awarded it to them also so I put them on there anyways! :) 
 These are my favourite blogs at the moment, plus they are all really nice people who always make the effort to comment back and stuff - which we all know is muchly appreciated when you're pretty new to blogging! ^.^ Make sure you all have a gander! :)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The owl and the pussycat...

Hello there! Sorry I have been so slack on the old blogging lately! >.< I've been doing so many hours at work that I just haven't had the time :( But more hours = more money = MORE CLOTHES! So happy days! Haha :) I went on a little splurge after work yesterday afternoon and bought this new outfit...

Top: £10, H&M
Jeans: £40, Topshop
Belt: £2.50, Peacocks
Necklace: New Look 
Bangle: Old...

I have an obsession with high waisted jeans/shorts/skirts at the moment! Although they're not usually the most comfortable things to wear (to sit down in :P), they make you feel really confident with the illusion of a smaller waist and elongated legs - which I need with my short-arse 5 foot 2 inch frame! :P I loved the terracotta colour of these Topshop ones - perfect for autumn! :D

Sunday, 4 September 2011


 Hello! :D So although I am pretty hungover from last night's shenanigans, I still had a really lovely day down the beach! :) (The beach is literally at the end of my road, only a 3 minute walk and yet I barely go down there!? I should appreciate it more - and next time I'll remember to take my camera, doh! >.<) But of course I couldn't even manage the beach without ending up doing a little shopping! :P Haha, I picked up this bracelet and ring from a local surf shop for £6 :)

I love the psychedelic pattern on the ring; it reminds me of the sea :) I also bought this dress...from a grockle shop! (For those of you that aren't familiar with the term "grockle shop" - used by us in south-west England - it basically means a tourist shop that sells bits of tat! :P)

I was quite happy with this little find - only £14.99 and the belt came with it :)