Thursday, 13 September 2012

Your lipstick, his collar...

Ah, I've missed you! 

Haven't been on this in a while partly because I haven't had chance but also because I haven't been buying anything! :O I know, right! I have actually saved quite a bit of money, haha - shocking how much I spend on clothes when I definitely have nothing to wear! :P

This shirt is probably the only item I've bought in a couple of months - had to own a studded collar?!

Shirt: Boohoo
Jumper: New Look (Old)
High-waisted shorts: Topshop
Bracelet: A gift :)

 Black high waisted jeans: Monkee Genes

I was actually really disheartened at the fact that studs have been a massive trend this year. My mum and I have been slowly building up our collection, ecstatic at occasionally coming across a pair of studded boots or a handbag! Now, they're everywhere! Obviously this does make our lives easier, haha, but it also means that everyone is bloody wearing them! >.< Not impressed.