Thursday, 18 October 2012

Oh Lilli Rose eat your heart out.

Saturday night I went to a family wedding in Telford; I never have any idea what to wear to a wedding!? I ended up ordering a dress from the Asos sale which arrived 2 days before! Haha, so disorganised! Luckily I absolutely loved it, well, besides fearing that I was going to look like one of the bridesmaids...! :P This dress was reduced from £80 to £39 - I do love an amazing quality bargain dress and Asos definitely seems to be the place to find them!

Strapless dresses are never usually flattering on me; however this dress has a sweetheart neckline opposed to a straight neckline which is perfect for my shape.

The rose detail makes this dress extra special!

Shoes: New Look
(Adding a bit of edge to the outfit!)


  1. You look amazing and I hope you enjoy your disco pants! xo

  2. Last minute totally paid off. Looking fierce!

    The Style Rawr!

  3. cool dress!

  4. You look super stunning in that dress, what a bargain too! Will you please send me a link to the shoes you bought off eBay a few posts down (the black boots)? Thank you! X